Children’s Dentistry

Generations of children have enjoyed their first dental visit at Newburyport Dental Associates. We go to great lengths to make you and your child comfortable at their first visit. We believe that positive and encouraging dental visits at a young age are important to a future with healthy teeth.

At your child’s first visit he or she will see a hygienist for a dental prophylaxis (“cleaning”) and an examination from the dentist. Only necessary, cavity detecting radiographs will be taken and only at the appropriate age. Your child’s fluoride needs will be discussed and any questions you may have will be answered. We will always respect your child’s comfort level and will never force any treatment. If a first visit to our office only includes a ride in the chair and picking out a toothbrush, we still consider the appointment a success! Your child will be praised for their efforts and encouraged for the next visit. Our dental team is very patient and will provide a warm, caring environment for your child.


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