Dental Office Technology

E4D Same Day Crown

No Impression. No Temporary.
One Easy Appointment.

We are very excited to be one of the few offices in our area to offer the E4D technology to our patients. E4D dentistry is a chairside CAD/CAM system that allows us to offer single visit restorative dentistry to our patients using the strongest and most technologically advanced materials.

A 3-D digital impression is made with an intraoral scanner and then a crown or filling is made using the chairside, computer-based design center. The permanent restoration is completed the very same day without the need for an impression or temporary.


Digital Radiography

Safe. Efficient.

Digital X-ray technology provides an instant diagnostic image displayed on a computer screen allowing our patients to see their dental condition for themselves. Digital X-rays reduce a patient’s exposure to radiation by over 80% when compared to a traditional dental X-ray. This method of diagnosis is also better for the environment since chemicals are not used in digital imagining. It’s a wonderful tool for helping patients fully understand their treatment options.


DIAGNOdent Cavity Detecting Laser

Accurate. Reliable. Conservative.

The DIAGNOdent laser is a simple, fast, and comfortable way to check a patient’s teeth for dental decay. Cavities can hide in the little pits and grooves and traditionally were only found mechanically with the dental explorer. But this method of cavity detection is not accurate enough, which is why our practice invested in the DIAGNOdent technology.

Proven to be over 90% accurate, the DIAGNOdent allows us to detect cavities in the earliest stage when treatment will be most conservative. The necessary fillings are typically smaller and preserve more of the tooth structure when decay is found early. This type of treatment is consistent with our philosophy of minimally invasive dentistry.


Intraoral Camera

Seeing Is Believing.

Have you ever wondered what that cracked tooth looks like? Or how your dentist can see a cavity that doesn’t even hurt you? With a simple photograph patients are able to see a sharp, clear image on our computer screen. Intraoral cameras help connect patients to their dental health and allow us to explain your dental condition and diagnosis.

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